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An owl lives in the tree canopy
Eugene Masonic Cemetery
Woodland Setting

Natural Beauty

When the cemetery was established, over 150 years ago, the hillside was treeless. Like the valley floor, it was covered with prairie grasses and wildflowers. Now this same ten-acre site is dominated by a mature stand of Douglas-fir trees.

In 2006 the Eugene Tree Foundation presented its award for excellence in stewardship of an urban forest to EMCA. The cemetery's forward-looking landscape plan has improved the health and diversity of native trees that shelter our ancestors.

A variety of birds and animals, as well as more than 100 native species of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers call this place home. From early spring through late fall, we limit mowing, to allow the native plants to flourish.

Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, Bruce Newhouse has completed a 2012 inventory of plants, animals and fungi.

Consider volunteering to preserve and enhance the landscape by working with local experts on such tasks as replacing non-native with native plants, cultivating a butterfly garden, expanding our heritage roses, or maintaining the paths.

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